Awards :  2018 Australian Foods Award winner.


Description : Glyko Karydaki, is the ultimate Greek fruit preserve of small (or young) walnuts and it is simply the best Greek traditional spoon sweet.


Glyko Karydaki is made with unripe green walnuts around the end of Spring or early summer, when the inner shell has not formed.


Karydaki in Greek, is the diminutive of karydia which are the walnuts when they are still green and tender.


The procedure for making Glyko Karydaki very labour intensive and the whole process can take over three weeks to make. However, we do all the hard work for you and offer this ultimate Greek preserve for your enjoyment.


Serving Suggestions :  Serve with Espresso Coffee and a glass of chilled water. Exquisite with ice-cream.


Shipping :    All orders  around Victoria will incur a standard $12.00 postage fee.  We do post out orders for 1 jar at a time. However, we can also post up to 2 or 3 jars for the same postage cost thus providing greater value for your postage fee.


We are unable to post to some remote and rural locations.  Should you not be able to complete your order online due to postage issues please contact Mike on 0409 190 993 or to complete the order.

Glyko Karydaki (380g)