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Storing Walnuts

Due to the limited number of growers producing fresh “new season” quality Australian Walnuts the supply is very limited and often difficult to source. As such, fresh Quality Australian Walnuts are a very high value product and must be correctly handled and stored in order to enjoy and reap the Omega 3 health benefits throughout the year.

Fresh Walnut Taste

In order to maintain the fresh taste of Otway Walnuts year round it is essential that all these walnuts be kept as reasonably cold as possible. All walnuts (worldwide) go rancid when exposed to warm temperatures for long periods of time (both in and out of their shells).

Unknown to most people fresh walnuts have a sweet buttery flavour and are very smooth on the palate. In contrast, and if walnuts are incorrectly stored any heat will cause the fat within the walnuts to change its structure which will create an unpleasant odour and flavour and they should be thrown away.

This table provides an ideal guide to the best storage life of walnuts (both Inshell and Kernel ) to maintain the optimum fresh flavour and retain the Omega-3 health benefits. However, according to research from the University of California (August 2010) these times can be further extended to one year in the refrigerator and two years in the freezer. However, we prefer the timeframes detailed in the table to maintain the best flavour and health benefits.


How to store walnuts

We all love looking at a bowl of walnuts sitting on the table but the true fact is that the best place to store walnuts depends on when you plan to eat them.

Otway Walnut kernel tastes so good that many of our customers report that storage is not an issue for them, as they are fully enjoyed with a few days !  However, when storing walnuts in either the refrigerator or freezer it is essential that they be stored in airtight containers (or double freezer bags) as walnut kernel has the ability to soak up odours of other stored products such as onions, fish and cabbage.

Finally, it is also essential that you wait to shell or chop walnuts until you are ready to use them and add them to your recipe. That way you will be able to help maintain the great flavour.

How to enjoy the fresh Otway Walnut taste all year round

As fresh walnuts are seasonal we are often asked by our customers how they can they achieve the fresh Otway Walnut taste all year round. The answer is very simple indeed and we already do this with many of our restaurant customers.

As we harvest our Otway Walnuts in April each year our walnuts are at their absolute peak freshness in late April and early May each year. Simply follow the following easy three steps below:

  1. Estimate your annual requirements,

  2. Place an order and payment with us at prior (or during harvest), and

  3. We will post the order to you and you simply store these in your refrigerator or freezer until needed.

By following the three easy steps above you can enjoy the fresh flavour and achieve the Omega 3 health benefits of Otway Walnuts all year round!

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