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The exciting combination of Roasted Walnuts and Kaffir Lime gives you the energy you want and the lovely citrus / lime flavour for you to enjoy. The tasty combination of Roasted Walnuts and Kaffir Lime is a great snack for all the family anytime day or night and best enjoyed with a sparkling beverage any time.


Our Artisan Roasted Walnuts with Kaffir Lime are loaded with Omega-3s are Gluten Free, Vegan and non- GMO and make the ideal superfood snack.


Walnuts are a top SUPERFOOD packed with ANTIOXIDANTS and OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS. Omega-3s are known as essential fatty acids which means you need them but your body does not make them on its own; you have to get them from food.


This product is 100% cane sugar free and is made only with the finest quality 100% Canadian maple syrup dried Kaffir Lime leaves.


Serving Suggestions :   To be enjoyed on cheese platters and with sparkling beverage anytime.


Shipping :    All orders  around Victoria will incur a standard $12.00 postage fee.  We do post out orders for 1 packet of Artisan Roasted Walnuts at a time. However, we can also post up to 3 or 4 packets for the same postage cost thus providing greater value for your postage fee.


We are unable to post to some remote and rural locations.  Should you not be able to complete your order online due to postage issues please contact Mike on 0409 190 993 or to complete the order

Artisan Roasted Walnuts - Kaffir Lime (150g)


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