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Environmental Policy

We are always looking for ways to keep our environmental footprint small.   Our Walnut Grove is situated in the Otway Ranges in Victoria, Australia.  It is our keen desire to keep the Otway Ranges as ecologically blessed as possible.


Our Walnut Grove was formerly a simple sheep paddock. We have worked hard for over 15 years to transform our farm into a bountiful and beautiful Walnut Grove. As part of this sustainable farming practice we replanted specific zones of the farm with trees native to the Otway Ranges. This was designed to reduce erosion, encourage native birds and wildlife. The design encourages optimal biodiversity in flora and fauna.

Our farming practices are guided by the values of integrity, long term respect for the land and for the people we work with. As we harvest and dry all our walnuts at our farm we take a keen interest in the positive impact we have on the environment.

We are a fully accredited with the Victorian Farmer’s Market Association. We only sell the freshest Quality Australian Walnuts, Walnut Kernel and Artisan Farm Made Products.

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