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About Us

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Believe it or not walnut farming is about life’s passion and journey.  Without passion the walnut farmer can never hope to succeed !  What other journey requires many thousands of unpaid hours toiling in the heat; then the cold; then the drought and the floods and not to mention the locusts !   Some say walnut farmers are insane !  To us this has been and continues to be one of the most enjoyable and richly rewarding life experiences that we could have ever had and we have been very lucky to have had this privilege.


The photo above is where our journey began with one small bud patch-budded onto the side of a walnut rootstock tree (more correctly one thousand buds on one thousand rootstock trees).   This patch-bud then becomes over many years the actual walnut tree.  These patch buds however are no ordinary patch buds they are the culmination of an extensive breeding program (natural selection not genetic modification) from the USA and they have beens selected to produce the highest quality walnuts with the finest attributes.

Provided that grasshoppers, locusts, rabbits, hares, frost, drought or any other form of natural factors do not harm the immature walnut tree the aspiring walnut farmer can hope for the beginnings of a future walnut orchard that they can be proud of.


One walnut tree does not make a walnut orchard. In fact, some walnut orchards have over 10,000 trees however as we produce only the finest high quality Australian walnuts our walnut orchard has selected only the best trees that we could source and we have carefully nurtured each one of these trees to ensure they produce the highest quality walnuts.  It is often said that dairy farmers often name and know each dairy cow. Well we can assure you that over the years we know each of our walnuts trees, what they have been through, the additional nutrients or individual pruning they have required in order for them to thrive in the ideal walnut growing climate of the Otway Ranges.


Assuming all goes well and the walnut grower has learnt from their mistakes they are soon (many years in the scale of walnut growing) rewarded with a young walnut orchard. The photo above is when our walnut orchard was much younger and we had small trees.   Our trees are now much older and have started producing our first commercial crop of walnuts.

This passion does not stop with planting and growing a walnut orchard. In fact, our passion and love for walnut growing is our guarantee that the walnuts that we sell are the highest standard that we can possibly achieve.  We only sell the best, high quality Australian walnuts that can be produced and that is our guarantee !!!!

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