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All About Walnuts

Besides being a healthy and fine food walnuts also have many other beneficial uses including the following:

Walnut Wood


Walnut wood has very desirable qualities in terms of physical strength, resilience and appearance and is also widely used as a veneer.   Burr Walnut is particularly sought after by connoisseurs.

  • Furniture (Major Items of Furniture)

  • Dashboards for cars

  • Gunstocks for quality rifles

  • Bowls

  • To be continually updated


Walnut Shells 


Walnut Shells have special abrasive qualities and are used for the following purposes:

  • Grit Blasting

  • Barrel Polishing

  • Cleaning blades of jet engines (and burnt in the exhaust)

  • Drilling compound used on the North Sea oil rigs

  • Facial scrub in ladies makeup

  • To be continually updated


Walnut Dyes


Most parts of the Walnut tree produce dye including  the bark, husk, leaf and shell. This dye provides a soft, variable colour to fabric when used as a dye.

Walnut dyes are used in carpets from Pakistan, delicate clothing in China and also basket weaving in the USA.  The uses for walnut dyes are almost limitless !

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